Baker Street In Iklin Is A Delightful Small-Town Refuge From Today’s Hustle And Bustle

I love having a nice quiet place to run away too when the hustle and bustle of life gets a little too much. You know the place: somewhere easy to get to, but not remote or desolate. The kind of place that’s got this constant buzz about it, but you don’t feel like you’re trapped in a convention centre Starbucks just before the doors to the convention floor open. Recently that place, for me, has been Baker Street in Iklin.

Baker Street is a quaint little coffee shop tucked away next to an art gallery in a street lined with old trees. While it sounds fantastic pedestrian, the location couldn’t be more central: it’s opposite Model Shop in Iklin! Parking is a little difficult, but if you live in the area it’s a hard place to beat.

And it’s worth going not because it’s quiet, but because the food and drink are homemade, tasty, and top quality. On my last visit I opted for something refreshing and had a green tea iced tea and a simple plain croissant, and they’re both fantastic. It’s true, I’m not a big green tea fan, but even for me it tasted fantastic, but the croissant stole my heart. The croissants at Baker Street in Iklin are baked fresh every day and you can tell. They’re just a little crisp on the outside, but fluffy and airy on the inside, with just the right amount of elasticity in every bite.

Baker Street’s menu is wonderfully varied too, outside of the usual pastries. The sandwiches look utterly divine, the sweets are fantastic, and the cakes they post to their Instagram look just perfect!

If you’re looking for a nice coffee shop to spend some time in after a long day’s shop, a nice spot to grab a quick coffee on your way to work, or someplace to get an hour’s writing done, I find it hard to fault Baker Street in Iklin!

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

Chief Eater here at Gidma Gidma, Emmanuel's passionate about food. And cars. And watches. And photography. And cinema. And because there's a character limit on these little things he's provided a little Haiku to express his love for burgers:

"Glistening grilled patty
Caressed with sauce, gooey cheese
Moist mouth explosion"

- DJ Lae, source.

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