Did Burger King’s Halloween ‘Nightmare King’ Burger Keep Me Up At Night?

Holiday-related menu items are a dime a dozen, right? Plenty of restaurants go nuts with pumpkin spice whatever as fall rolls in, and turkey and cranberry sauce can be found on everything from burgers to pizzas as Christmas starts knocking on the door. For the most part these menu items are unoffensive, even tasty, but none of these ever really promise to affect your own physiology. None, that is, except for Burger King’s Nightmare King burger. So what’s special?

Burger King Nightmare King

For one the Nightmare King is green. Really green. Hulk green. So green you think you’re looking at it through some weird filter. But this green goes beyond the usual food colouring – it contains a secret ingredient. You see Burger King’s Nightmare King burger buns contain a secret combination of proteins that Burger King claims can increase one’s chances of a nightmare by up to 3.5 times. In a partnership with┬áParamount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Goldforest Inc. in the US, Burger King commissioned a 100 person, 10 night trial and monitored subjects’ heart rate, brain activity, and breathing patterns to determine how vivid the dreams were and whether these were filled with ponies and puppies or something a little more grotesque.

Did it work?

No. Not in the slightest, but it was the worst rain I’d ever seen that night so there’s that.

Is it any good?

Shockingly, yes! Besides the weird patty this burger’s loaded with a beef quarter pounder patty, a fried chicken fillet, a ton of cheese, bacon, onions and mayo! It’s truly a ton of ingredients that would usually just melt together into a horrible plastic mess, but surprisingly not this time.

This is a mainstream fast food burger I genuinely enjoyed eating. Each of the patties had a distinct flavour and texture, brought together by the cheese and topped off with the creamy mayonnaise and contrasting with the saltiness of the bacon. Hell, as the top picture proves, it actually looks like the poster!

If you’re going to Burger King any time between now and Halloween you must have this burger. Weird colour aside it’s miles ahead of anything on Burger King’s menu, and if the price you must pay is an itty bitty nightmare I say it’s worth it!

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

Chief Eater here at Gidma Gidma, Emmanuel's passionate about food. And cars. And watches. And photography. And cinema. And because there's a character limit on these little things he's provided a little Haiku to express his love for burgers:

"Glistening grilled patty
Caressed with sauce, gooey cheese
Moist mouth explosion"

- DJ Lae, source.

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