Do you have a sacred foodstuff?

Is there any dish you hold sacred? Not sacred in the sense that you love it no matter what – but the exact opposite. This dish is acceptable to you in only a few ways and nothing else. If somebody adds a ‘weird’ ingredient to it you become a seething pot of rage.

It could be anything. I have friends that clench their teeth at the sight of sesame seeds on a pizza crust. I love it. Others gag at the thought of an egg in their burger, or pineapple on the pizza, or cream in their carbonara (this is the absolute fucking worst).

I have a soft spot for chicken pie myself, either the potato kind or the gravy kind. There’s something simple and innocent and heartwarming about chicken pie, know what I mean? It’s easy to make and they’re all mostly the same, but a chef can show their love for cooking in any number of small ways. Some might add sweet corn, or curry powder, or bacon. Or, as I learnt, some may try to ‘liven things up’ a bit and put broccoli in it. It doesn’t sound like too big a change perhaps, but it’s devastating.

Imagine being really damn hungry and cutting yourself off a slice of warm chicken pie, just out of the oven. You’re too hungry to put it on a plate and eat it with a fork and knife like a decent human being, so you grab it in one hand and start chomping at it like a starving caveman. The smoother filling is a taste of heaven itself…till you bite into something crunchy, hairy, and weird – broccoli. That was the day I realised I held chicken pie in as high a regard as I do a fine steak or a decent bacon cheeseburger.

So, tell us in the comments! What’s that one food you don’t want anyone messing with, and how did you realise you loved it so?


Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

Chief Eater here at Gidma Gidma, Emmanuel's passionate about food. And cars. And watches. And photography. And cinema. And because there's a character limit on these little things he's provided a little Haiku to express his love for burgers:

"Glistening grilled patty
Caressed with sauce, gooey cheese
Moist mouth explosion"

- DJ Lae, source.

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