EAT in Mosta is My Top Lunch Spot and One of Malta’s Top Eateries

EAT in Mosta's truck
Photo taken from EAT’s Facebook page

Let’s be perfectly honest here, lunchtime at work is more or less a bit of a mess. Unless you work at an iGaming company with lunch/breakfast perks you’re stuck ordering in food from the corner Turkish, packing a sad salad from home (and reverting back to option 1), or perhaps you’re lucky enough to work within walking distance of someplace that makes decent sandwiches. Or, how about this? A tiny old food truck, smoker in tow: EAT in Mosta, parked at the entrance to ‘Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta’.

The Food

EAT in Mosta's BBQ Pork Rib Bun Top

EAT in Mosta’s menu is always varied, offering various cuts of meat in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You really can’t go wrong with any of the items on EAT in Mosta’s menu, but there are some key winners: their brisket sandwiches and their rib buns. Today I’m featuring their new to the menu BBQ Pork Rib Bun and a side of cheesy fries (ketchup and mayo my own).

What’s it like?

In a word, utterly fantastic, and let’s work our way from the outside in. The sandwich is served in a fantastic bun that’s baked to perfection. While the bread is soft and moist, it holds its structure well and has a good amount of elasticity to it. Nestled right in there, of course, is the rib meat.  The meat is smoked for hours on end prior to being served (I don’t have the specifics in hand) and it really shows.

EAT in Mosta's BBQ rib hand shot

To call the meat prominent would be an understatement. You’ve probably had rib sandwiches before, from some pretty high-end places no less, but have you ever had a big arse chunk of meat jammed into a bun like this? I thought not. The meat isn’t cut up and drowning in sauce either. Instead, its charring is preserved well and every bite has a wonderful profile. First comes the smokiness of the smoked rib, followed by that mild carbon taste of the charring itself, and finally the juicy tender goodness of excellent pork.

The pork rib is placed on a generous bed of slaw and greens that provide just the right amount of freshness and acidity to keep the generous serving of pork from overpowering the sandwich. It’s a small touch but makes a ton of difference and is one of two things that keep this beast from a sandwich from inducing a massive food coma. The second thing is the fact the sandwich lacks a condiment. For some that would be a bit of an issue, which is easily fixed by EAT in Mosta’s sauces at the bar, but I’d argue you really don’t need it. Have a look at the image below and you can see how the grease from the pork butters the top bun nicely. It’s also pretty hard to handle as a sandwich already, and I fear a dollop sauce would be a bridge too far.

EAT in Mosta Pork Rib Bun Bite Shot

I’m going to be 100% frank: while I said that this won’t give you a food coma, it’s also not exactly a light sandwich. It’s incredibly filling on its own, and even a coke is enough to get a little bloat on. Pig out like I did here with a side of cheese fries and you’re going to be feeling this all the way to dinner.

But what fries they are. These are EAT in Mosta’s standard fries with their heavenly onion seasoning and slathered in melted cheese. Fresh off the grill the cheese is gooey and melty, but not runny, and the fries stick together in clumps of 3 or 4, so make sure you’re ready to open nice and wide.

Oh, and do ask for a fork. You’ll only make a mess of yourself if you’re using your hands or using a toothpick!


EAT in Mosta is absolutely worth visiting if you can make it there on your lunch break, or if it’s your day off and want to have lunch somewhere unusual. The truck is right at the entrance of the public garden there, and there is seating along the crash barrier overlooking Burmarrad and all the way down to the sea, as well as benches under some of the ancient trees there if you’re a group of three or more.

If you work anywhere near Constitution Street or study at the Institute for Creative Arts: fuck you, you lucky sods. For the rest of us, EAT deliver!

Disclosure Statement

For honest and unbiased writing I ate at EAT on my own dime, with no forewarning to the food truck whatsoever. The total cost €10.50, and the price was €6.50 for the sandwich, €2.50 for the cheese fries, and €1.50 for the Coca-Cola.

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

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- DJ Lae, source.

  1. I have been to Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection…and the best steak sandwich recipe ever concocted.

    So trust me when I say this…you won’t find any Philly Steak Sandwich better than that offered by ‘Eat’ in Mosta. Highly recommended…Happy slurping! 🙂

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