Malta’s Gone Mad Over Nutella Biscuits! What are they like?

There are plenty of things in the world of food that are, on their own, perfect. Bacon is one such foodstuff. Carbonara is another. And gin and tonic is a drink so simple it’s utter perfection. Know what most people would add to the mix here? Nutella. That hazelnut spread handed to us in glass jars from the gods themselves is packed full of sweet, smooth nutty flavour that goes well with everything. Why mess with perfection, I ask. Why create…Nutella Biscuits?

What are Nutella Biscuits?

Nutella Biscuits by Gidma Gidma

Nutella Biscuits are only the latest product in a long line of Nutella products, however they do take Nutella to the next level. These aren’t your grandmother’s biscuits, a little bit of Nutella sandwiched between two dry cakey biscuits that fall apart on the first bite.

Oh no, they’re so much better than that. What Nutella has crafted is essentially a biscuit cup that’s FILLED WITH NUTELLA! It’s not even a little spittle of brown spread either, but a good heaped teaspoon’s worth of Nutella, waiting for a bite to break it open. The biscuit base is firm and dense, and from the four bags I’ve opened so far I haven’t yet come across one that’s broken in half or any such nonsense.

Nutella Biscuits by Gidma Gidma

Are Nutella Biscuits Any Good?

Nutella Biscuits aren’t really good. They aren’t even tasty. They’re effing perfect. I haven’t had bagged sweets so addictive since I triggered a chocolate allergy when I was 12 by downing a family pack of Crunchies in 15 minutes.

Nutella Biscuits by Gidma Gidma

Hyperbole aside, these are seriously delicious biscuits that I’m sure will become a Nutella staple and while you’ll definitely want to finish a whole bag at one go they’re so dense and decadent that you’ll find yourself slowing down, savouring them, dipping them into some milk.

Go out there, fight the queues, and get some. You won’t regret it.

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

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