The Jar Wars Have Begun, And Nutella’s Competition Is Heating Up

Nutella vs Barilla: There's A War Coming and Nutella's Competition Is Heating Up

Nutella’s something everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY – has fond memories of. I don’t think I’ve ever met somebody who didn’t love the chocolate hazelnut spread, and honestly? I don’t think I want to. It’s a sweet, sugary, but somewhat tart spread that’s beautiful on bread, on crackers, on biscuits, on Nutella Biscuits….the whole shebang. This is more than just a fondness for a brand of chocolate spread, this is an absolute monopoly of the sector because Nutella’s competition is basically non-existent.

Seriously, the numbers spell it out: the latest numbers have Nutella selling 54% of all chocolate spreads worldwide. The nearest competitor, Cokokrem, is only 2%. It’s a market that’s proven impossible to penetrate, and the product is so ubiquitous as to represent the market as a whole, but as Nutella got greedy other firms started to roll up their sleeves and get cracking.

In July Lindt released their own hazelnut chocolate spread, with the key differentiator being that there’s far more hazelnut in the mix that Nutella currently offers. This seems like a logical move for Lindt, as chocolates and other sweets are part and parcel of the premium Swiss firm’s offering. Things are far more personal for Nutella’s latest competitor: Barilla.

With the launch of Nutella Biscuits, the Ferrero-owned brand has started stepping on more toes than they may have liked, and Barilla has noticed. Nutella Biscuits go right up against Barilla’s Pan di Stelle, Mulino Bianco, and Gran Cereale brands. Barilla hasn’t officially commented on their latest product offering and it’s unclear whether this Nutella competitor is going to be a product offered by one of Barilla’s existing brands or an entirely new brand, however a key differentiator is that Barilla has confirmed that any new product will not contain any palm oil – in line with their existing product offerings.

So, things are heating up, eh? What do you think? Does Barilla stand a chance, or do you think it’s high time Nutella’s competition gets a chance?

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

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