Volkswagen’s Best Selling Product Is…Currywurst?

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If I were to ask you what you thought McDonalds’ best selling item was, you’d probably answer the McNugget, or the Big Mac. If I asked you what Lacoste’s best selling item was you’d probably answer with some kind of polo shirt. It just makes sense, right?

And Volkswagen? You might answer with the Beetle, and you’d be wrong. You might answer with the Golf, and you’d be wrong. Finally, exasperated, you’d probably answer with the Polo. And you’d still be wrong. In 2017 Volkswagen’s best selling item, at 6.7 million units, and producing around 18,000 units per day, is item part number 199 398 500A, aka Volkswagen Currywurst.

And that’s a sausage.

Volkswagen Currywurst is made alongside its cars in its factories and sells them in 11 countries, because Volkswagen insists on producing as many components and items as possible in-house to guarantee quality! For the last 45 years, Volkswagen has been sourcing pork from local German farms and employs a staff of around 30 butches who add numerous herbs and spices to make what is, apparently, some amazing currywurst sausages.

The biggest consumers of these sausages are Volkswagen themselves, as they’re sold by the buttload in Volkswagen’s factories to thousands of hungry Volkswagen factory staff with chips, curry, and ketchup – a perfectly German combination that’s utterly amazing. Does that mean the only way to taste it is to get a job building Golfs? Not necessarily, as Volkswagen’s been known to actually hand out sausages as gifts alongside new car purchases!

Image taken from the Volkswagen Newsroom Website

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