The 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger: Biggest In Malta?

Ever had one of those weeks where you feel the need to channel all of your frustration and exhaustion into something big and heavy, where most burgers just won’t do. Last week was just that kind of week and I had a massive craving for a monster of a burger, but nobody had something that could really fill that beastly hole. New York Best? A double isn’t good enough. A Burger Kind Steakhouse? Nope. But then, lo and behold, a beast presented itself to me on Instagram… the 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger. A beast isn’t the right word for it, this thing is a monster.

1640 Wineroom's Godzilla Burger plate shot

Just how big is the 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger?

1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger

This thing is huge. Seriously, it’s fucking huge.

How huge you ask? Well, starting from the bottom, the 1640 Wineroom Godzilla burger contains:

  • a triple cheeseburger with three 230 gram beef patties layered on top of each other as beef, cheese, bbq sauce, and repeat twice more. This alone is huge.
  • four onion rings hanging off a skewer
  • and on top, finally, a giant kebab layered with four different types of sausages and vegetables.

Any of those components, accompanied with coleslaw and salad, are a meal on their own. All together they make a hell of a meal that not many men can finish. The server had to literally lift the plate with one hand and hold the kebab skewer from swinging all over the place. And all this for €20!

It’s a hell of a deal, no?

But as big as it is, is the 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger any good?

When you’re talking about a big burger it’s always a compromise between quantity and quality and it’s truly a fine line to walk. A small burger that’s incredibly high in quality is too much of a tease, but a huge burger that sucks is just too much of a bad thing. When you’re talking about a burger on the scale of the 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger the paradigm changes a little because cost becomes a serious factor. Think about it this way: how much high-quality beef can you get for €20? The truth is that it isn’t going to be a huge amount.

The Godzilla Burger walks that line very well. This is priced just 25% or so more than a Hard Rock Original Legendary Burger but contains three times the meat, and then some, and at the end of the day is actually a good enough burger. Seriously.

The 1640 Wineroom Godzilla Burger’s meat is good enough to make a genuinely tasty burger. The cheese is very light and melted on top and the sauce gives the whole burger a nice sweetness, and if this were just a double it would genuinely be a steal. A triple though? Unfortunately, it’s just too much meat.

Don’t hold this against the restaurant mind you, it’s my weak stomach that’s the problem here.

And the accessories?

The sausages are nice and simple and make a nice change from the nearly 700 grams of beef in the burger. The kebab’s got Woody cheese filled sausages, pink ‘Tad-Dew Fresh’ sausages, frankfurter’s, and an inch long chunk of salami. For the most part, they’re great, but the salami has so much salt and fat in it I think I felt my heart skip a beat.

The fries are fantastic too! Add a touch of salt, a drop of vinegar, and pour ketchup over the whole thing and they’re great in that Maltese bar sense. Humble, simple, and wonderfully fat.

Will I order it again?

If I was incredibly hungry I’d order this in a heartbeat, but my weak stomach is what keeps me back. The fact it only costs €20 is incredible really, and makes it tempting, however I just can’t bring myself to waste the food.

To sum up: the burger is huge, it’s juicy, it’s tasty, and if you’re a ravenous rugby player you’ll probably have enough room for dessert!

Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

Chief Eater here at Gidma Gidma, Emmanuel's passionate about food. And cars. And watches. And photography. And cinema. And because there's a character limit on these little things he's provided a little Haiku to express his love for burgers:

"Glistening grilled patty
Caressed with sauce, gooey cheese
Moist mouth explosion"

- DJ Lae, source.

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