What’s The Wok to Walk Malta Take on Take Away Like?

When you’re piss drunk in Paceville take away food takes on a different meaning to nearly everybody else. For, say, parents with young kids take away means stopping at McDonald’s, or going through the drive-through, picking up a couple of burgers and Happy Meals before driving home to enjoy them in peace. No, when you’re in Paceville takeaway food literally means the food you take and eat as you go along, and the options have been more or less fine. A dollar menu burger is wrapped in paper, which makes it fine to carry and eat on your way to your next binge, but contains as much plastic as a Barbie doll. Pizza is also king in Paceville, obviously. But what if you want something a bit more substantial, a bit more refined, and a bit more of a meal? Does Wok To Walk Malta offer something better?

The Food

Wok To Walk Malta’s menu is really simple. You select a base, of which they have a wide variety, then you choose a protein (of which they recommend you can pick up to four), a topping to add to everything, and finally a sauce, of which there are various heat levels to choose from. Simple? Yeah, but choosing gets hard!

I went with something a little sweet and savoury: udon noodles as a base, with beef, pineapple and bacon as the main protein, teriyaki sauce, and finally crushed peanuts to top it all off. Yes yes, quite the mix. But what’s it like?

Honestly? It’s way better than I thought. My expectations were of a quick tasty bite, but this is genuinely a fully fledged meal in true American style takeout boxes.

My chopstick skills are definitely pretty average for a Maltese person, and downright terrible compared to anyone brought up with them all their life, but the food is cooked with all components suitably large to make the use of chopsticks practical. My companion and I sat on a bench to watch a distant thunderstorm on the horizon because my skill isn’t high enough to eat this while walking on the Sliema front, but this is definitely a realistic prospect.

As this is a takeout spot a lot of the ingredients are pre-cooked to varying degrees then finished in the impressive woks that line the entrance to the restaurant. This doesn’t mean the food’s anything less than fresh, and all the ingredients are piping hot and tasty. The udon noodles, in particular, were great, with decent thickness and structure and were long enough to really pick up all the sauce and little bits of peanut and meat with each noodle. The beef was great too, and the bacon gave the dish an appropriate amount of salt without turning these into some kind of bastardised breakfast noodles.

The combination of all the ingredients clearly shows much effort has gone into developing this franchise’s product. There’s plenty of sauce that covers everything and anything in the box, but when you’ve eaten all the noodles you aren’t left with a centimetre of sauce sloshing around inside, or a ton of small leftover bits and pieces that are too small for my big hands to pick up using chopsticks.

The Location

As good as the food is it would be hard to make such a restaurant work without a great location, and it’s hard for its location to be any better. Spinola hill is one of two major ways to get in and out of Paceville on foot so the foot traffic on any given evening is immense.

If you’re in the mood for something quick and tasty, but not as junky as pastizzi as 2 euro pizza, or as plastic as McDonald’s, I can’t recommend Wok to Walk Malta enough.



Emmanuel Buttigieg
Emmanuel Buttigieg

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